Highly Performant, reliable, and non rate limited RabbitMQ hosting. Starting at only $20/month.

Features: AmqpHosting.com cloudamqp.com Compose.io Self hosted
Rate limited. No Yes1 No Probably not
Base price of dedicated node(1GB RAM) $55 per month $99 per month $87 per month Unknown
Support for HiPE (High performance Erlang). Yes Yes No Maybe
TLS/amqps Yes Yes Yes Maybe
STOMP, MQTT and WebSockets. No Yes No Maybe
Message loss in case of network partition No2 Yes Yes Most Probably Yes
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We have tried to faithfully present facts in this page. If you do however spot a typo/misinformation on this or any other page, please email us at support@amqphosting.com.

1Their shared instances plans are rate limited but their dedicated instances ones are not. We, on the other hand, do not rate limit any of our plans. Additionaly, we do not have any shared instances, all our plans are on dedicated instances.

2We (Amqphosting.com) do not have rabbitMQ clusters since they are susceptible to message loss in the event of a network partition. If you would like to create a rabbitMQ cluster, we encourage you to setup standalone rabbitMQ servers with us and either publish and consume to/from them in a round robin manner or connect them via the shovel or federation plugins.