Performant, reliable, and non rate limited RabbitMQ hosting. Starting at only $20/month.

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Why would you Choose to create your RabbitMQ servers with us?

  • Our RabbitMQ servers do NOT have any rate limits.
  • Our RabbitMQ servers are created on world class cloud platforms.
  • All our plans are on dedicated nodes. We do not setup shared rabbitMQ servers(vhosts). This guarantees unmatched performance.
  • With our RabbitMQ servers, you wont have to deal with message loss in the event of a network partition.
  • We monitor the nodes 24/7 and resolve any issues that may arise.
  • We offer amazing support.
  • You still get access to the rabbitMQ management user interface(UI).
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No rate limits.

We do not impose any limitation on either:

  1. the number of messages you can send.
  2. the number of queues you can create.
  3. the number of connections(concurrent or otherwise) that you can have.
  4. the number of queued messages.
  5. or anything else.

Fully managed.

You do not have to mess around with configuration files and tuning parameters to get a production ready message queue. Just point and click to create a rabbitmq server that is tuned for production workloads.

Dedicated server nodes.

For all our plans, we setup rabbitMQ on dedicated nodes. This guarantees that your rabbitMQ node will have unmatched performance as it does not have to contend with server resources with other peoples rabbitMQ applications. We do not setup shared rabbitMQ servers(vhosts).

RabbitMQ is a messaging broker that gives your applications a common platform to send and receive messages, and your messages a safe place to live until received. -

Our RabbitMQ servers have the following features;

  • MultiProtocol support: AMQP and AMQPS.
  • Support for HiPE (High performance Erlang).
  • TLS support (amqps).
  • A high open file limit (important for internet of things).
  • RabbitMQ's management user interface(UI).

We are cheaper.

You do not have to pay enterprise money to get enterprise scale. Cloud hosting costs have been declining and it's only fair that we pass on the savings to you too. All these, without compromising on our quality and customer support. See how we compare against our competitors>>

No message losses due to network partitions.

We do not cluster rabbitMQ since they are susceptible to message loss in the event of a network partition[1] [2]. Instead we have standalone rabbitMQ servers. If you still like the idea of high availability and some sort of clustering, consider connecting different standalaone servers via the shovel or federation plugins which can be connected via unreliable WAN links.

Never worry about your rabbitmq infrastructure again!

Launch my RabbitMQ server Now!
(14 day free trial.)


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